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Glass Railing

It is a railing system with only glass without a handrail. Glasses are produced as tempered or laminated in 8+8 mm dimensions. In addition to security, it is one of the types of railings that is frequently used as decoration, thanks to its simple stance and modernity. It is generally used on the sides of stairs and balconies. Stainless and aluminum materials are used during the process. Another name for tempered glass is reinforced glass. Also known as safety glass. They are more resistant to breakage and do not break into small and sharp pieces when broken. Glass railings are strong, durable and safe due to this feature of tempered glass. Glass balustrades are also environmentally friendly due to the transparency of the glass. The advantages of glass balustrade are also very high. It does not require maintenance costs. To the structures designed; It gives a stylish, aesthetic, elegant and modern atmosphere. It does not hold dirt and rust. Cleaning is very easy. Glass balustrades appear as a design that brings modernity and elegance to buildings in today's architecture.
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